Launch of ENAD Scandinavia

Launch of ENAD-Scandinavia!


You are invited to join us at our first visionary ENAD-Scandinavia conference. Here we will get a chance to network with each other as well as to discuss the visions and strategies for the health work in Scandinavia.


We have invited Dr. Andreas Binus to be our guest speaker. He is currently working in Switzerland as an attending physician in internal medicine. He has a vision to see the medical missionary work further developed in Europe. Therefore he is also heavily involved in developing the ENAD concept together with five other young founders of ENAD.

Where: Fredheim Helsesenter, Norway

When: Oct 2.-4. 2015 (registration opens Friday at 15:00)

Costs: shared room: 400 NOK, double room: 500 NOK, single room: 800 NOK.

Registration: HERE

Early registration: until August 23

Late registration: until September 10

More info:

Facebook: Join us on Facebook

Phone: +47 32 86 71 00 (Fredheim reception)


We hope and pray to see you there!

Sincerely, the ENAD Scandinavia Team

Fredrik Lillbäk, Jonathan Ostrowski, Alexander and Henrik Jensen, Joachim Broegaard, Jiska Rose

Newstart Map: A Quick Guide

The following guide will help you to easily mark any Health Center or Medical Institution within Europe. The goal is for everyone to easily have access to an overview of all Adventist Institutions in Europe in order to connect and share.

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1. Log in or register as new user








2. Click on Newstart Map





3Add Marker

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4. You will now see your set pin on the Newstart Map

Ancient Health Trailer

Avoid the Health Mistakes of the Egyptians. Eat Like the Gladiators, and Earths Longest Living People for Optimal Fitness Mentally and Physically. Come with us on a journey through ancient history down to today. From 3500 years ago in Egypt to the gladiators of Ephesus we discover health principles that can impact our modern lives.

From World War II insight has been gained into how people reversed heart disease, diabetes and lost weight as well. Then discover some of the cultures of longevity and how the principles of healthy living have benefited the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world today. Ultimately we delve into eight lifestyle habits that have helped the world’s longest living people lose weight, avoid or reverse disease, enhance brain function and lengthen their lifespan. We also follow people who have introduced these habits into their lives and have reaped the life-changing benefits.