Open Vacancy: Bed & Breakfast, Bologna

Welcome to Montebrollo Salute, Bologna

We run a country-house on the hills of Bologna where we host since 2014 regular vegan cooking classes and health programs for the general public: friends and patients of the physiotherapy clinic that Alessia Venturoli runs downtown.

The idea is to start this year 2016 with a christian bed and breakfast, so to share our christian view of life through friendship and literature and healthy breakfasts every morning.

For this project we offer a working place as helper in the running of the bed and breakfast.

For more info see our Newstart Map.

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Transportation to ENAD Conference 2016

Hello everyone, here you will find some possible transportation to the 3rd ENAD Conference this Fall in Michelsberg, Germany.
If you have any more questions or have absolutely no clue of how to get there, let us know 😉
Feel free to contact us at


Closest train station: Geislingen Train Station
Close by airports:
  • Stuttgart Airport (distance to event: about 50km by car)
  • Augsburg Airport (about 110km by car)
  • Munich Airport (about 185km by car)
  • Nuremberg Airport (about 220km by car)
  • Frankfurt Airport (about 260km by car)
Arrival at Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart Airport -> Subway to Stuttgart Train Station
Stuttgart Train Station -> Train to Geislingen
Geislingen -> Bus 541 to Michelsberg
Traveling time: about 2:00h (depending on connection)


Arrival at Munich Airport
Munich Airport -> Subway to Munich Train Station
Munich Train Station -> Train to Ulm Train Station
Ulm Train Station­ -> Train to Geislingen
Geislingen -> Bus 541 to Michelsberg
Traveling time: about 3:40h (depending on connection)


Arrival at Augsburg Airport
Augsburg Train Station -> Train to Ulm Train Station
Ulm Train Station -> Train to Geislingen
Geislingen -> Bus 541 to Michelsberg
Traveling time: about 2:30h (depending on connection)


Arrival at Nuremberg Airport
Nuremberg Train Station -> Train to Stuttgart Train Station
Stuttgart Train Station -> Train to Geislingen
Geislingen -> Bus 541 to Michelsberg
Traveling time: about 4:20h (depending on connection)


Arrival at Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport -> Train to Stuttgart Train Station
Stuttgart Train Station -> Train to Geislingen
Geislingen -> Bus 541 to Michelsberg
Traveling time: about 3:00h (depending on connection)


As for specific traveling times and connections, please check the following websites: Bus and train connectionsDeutsche Bahn, Google Maps


ENAD-Post Conference Refugee Mission

Heartbeat – serving in HIS footsteps

Sun 2nd of Oct. 2016 – Sun 9th of Oct. 2016
We are excited to announce the first German ENAD-Missions-Week – right after our ENAD Conference!
Why performing an ENAD-Missions-Week?
The idea of an ENAD-Missions-Week is to apply our health knowledge and to get active in the mission field. That means that ENAD wants to support a local church in their medical missionary efforts and to provide professional help to an already existing mission project.
Haven´t you ever dreamt about being more practical in our Adventist Mission efforts? We have!
Instead of just talking and discussing about things we could do – this year we want to go further.
For the first time we have the great opportunity to carry out what we have learned at the ENAD Conference and get more practical.
In particular – this year we will support a Refugee Camp in Darmstadt with medical help and the local church of Darmstadt Marienhöhe by conducting a Health Expo.

Why have we chosen Darmstadt?
The local church of Darmstadt has already planned to perform a Health Expo and is in need of medical professionals. In addition Darmstadt church has been very active in the refugee camp nearby for the last year.
Now it´s all up to YOU! We as the ENAD-Missions-Team and the local church of Darmstadt need you to get involved in this project.
From dental treatments, preventive medical education over psychological aid to counseling or a childrens´ health Expo – there are no boundaries set!
The refugee camp is more than happy to benefit from all of our talents.
Be active, join the ENAD-Missions-Week and register here
PS: even if you can´t make it to the ENAD conference – you can register independently
Date 2nd of Oct. – 9th of Oct. 2016
Location Darmstadt Marienhöhe Church and Jefferson Refugee Camp
Accomodation Local Adventist families/ Guest Dorms Marienhöhe
Transportation Bus will be provided from the ENAD Conference directly to Darmstadt.

Also please note the possibility to participate at the ENAD Refugee Mission subsequent to the ENAD Conference 2016. Info and registration are here.

Announcement: ENAD Conference 2016

Dear friends!

It has been more than a year since we gathered together at the last ENAD conference 2014 in Schwarzenberg. We hope that the meeting helped us to serve and motivate our surroundings.

We are pleased to announce that the next conference will take place soon!

ENAD2016 HEARTBEAT ENAD Conference 2016 – “Heartbeat – In His Footsteps”

When?: 2016.9.29. – 10.02

Where? Haus Michelsberg, Michelsberg 1,

73337 Bad Überkingen – Oberböhringen, Germany

English will be the main language of the conference, translation will be provided. We want to share (y)our experiences, enthusiasm and visions in the medical missionary work and brainstorm on local and European-wide plans together with you. Be prepared to align all areas of your life with the Master-Physician, in order to truly walk “in His footsteps”.

Registration and further information will follow – we will update you soon.

Please save the date and share with your friends and church members!

See you in September!

Sincerely, your ENAD-Team

VegMed Congress 2016

Veg Med Berlin

Scientific Congress – Vegetarian based diet and medicine

For Doctors, Students and Health Professions with focus on diet and nutrition

WHEN? 22-24. April 2016

WHERE? Berlin, Germany

Scientific presentations by leading researchers & renowned medical practitioners (Garry Fraser and Mark Messina from Loma Linda University), practice-oriented workshops, a platform for professional networking, a delicious plant-based buffet, public day “Open VegMed” and more.


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Wissenschaftlicher Kongress – Vegetarische Ernährung und Medizin

Für Ärzte, Studierende und Gesundheitsberufe mit Schwerpunkt Ernährung

WANN: 22.-24. April 2016

WO? Berlin, Deutschland

Wissenschaftliche Vorträge weltweit führender Forscher & renommierter Ärzte (u.a.Garry Fraser und Mark Messina aus Loma Linda) , praxis­orientierte Workshops, Platt­formen für professionelles Networking, ein pflanzliches Bio-Feinschmecker-Büfett, Publikumstag „Open VegMed“ und mehr.