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Mission health trip and lifestyle treatment – South India

Mission health trip and lifestyle treatment – South India


A free Medical Camp regarding changing life style was conducted by a group of medical missionaries lead by Dr. Lydia Binus from Switzerland. Other missionaries were: Dr. Andreas Binus (Switzerland), Carina Salzer (Germany), Katharina Lewter (Germany), Nedelcu Tatjana (Maldova) Daniel H. Garcia (Columbia), Maria (Masha} Munteanu (Maldova), Elizabeth (Germany), Niles and Adeli (Students in China).

This team of medical missionaries worked diligently from September 17 through September 27. 2019. Every patient that arrived at the scheduled time was treated and many of them were prayed with. They were informed that their life style could be changed only by the power of God and the team members were only instruments in the hands of Christ. Some of them were glad to receive a Kannada New Testament. At times the team huddled together to pray for wisdom in order to seek guidance from Holy Spirit to treat certain patients.

Different lifestyle illnesses and theraphie

There were patients with skin disease, diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, non diabetic wounds, psychological and stroke. Every patient was instructed and treated with natural remedies which included hot and cold water therapy, massage, charcoal poltus, cabbage poltus and dietary changes. A few of the team members went to homes of patients who could not come to the camp site as they were bed ridden.

A lady of 43 years of age was seen at home who had suffered a stroke 4 weeks ago and bed ridden. Prior to our visit, she was taken 3 times a week to a stroke center which was located 2 hours away and the family could not afford the cost of treatment. Therefore the family had stopped taking her to stroke center. The team gave her some simple exercises, taught the son regarding the exercises and water treatment. She was also treated with massage and blessed with prayer.
A young father who had a stroke three years ago was seen at his home. Due to stroke, he is paralysed on his left side. His left hand joints were stiffened and due to contracture, was unable to stretch. He was treated with hot and cold water massage, exercise and prayed over. Before the team left his home, he was able to stretch his left hand out his to certain degree. The family was instructed to continue the treatment.

A president of an ashrama came and requested to give a general check up for 100 students who are underprivileged are given breakfast and tuition in the morning and tuition in the evening freely. According to him, he had requested many local physicians to provide this service to these students but was informed that they would not perform as they would loose their business. Our medical missionaries obliged to provide a general check up for these students.
Another young father while coming home at night on his motor bike, hand an accident with a goat. He had head injury with internal bleeding which left him paralysed on his left side. He was also
prayed over, treated with hot and cold water, massage and exercises. The family members were given instructions to continue the treatment and to make dietary changes.

On behalf of every patient treated and prayed with, I would like to personally thank the team for their dedicated, unselfish service rendered here. With their instructions and training, I am following up with these three patients listed above. Since the team left, I have visited these three patients. I am thrilled to report that the young lady is now able to walk around in the house and expresses a great debt of gratitude to Jesus Christ and to the team. The other two young fathers are making steady progress with limited help. I have encouraged them to keep trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and to continue diligently the therapies that were given.

At present each day I treat four patients with non diabetic wounds. One patient was treated during the medical camp. As per the patient, he has had three skin grafts to this feet. He has had this wound for the last 25 years and has not healed yet. As of today (October 21, 2019) the wound is looking reddish in color without any drainage, smell or pus. After having treated his wound with charcoal poltus for two weeks and cabbage poltus for one week, I started with white sugar today. As for the other three patients, one patient has had his wounds on his right dorsal and right outer foot for the last two years. He has been to Mandya, mysore, and Bangalore for treatment without much success. As per the patient, the wound is healing very well and is getting smaller than what it used to be. Another patient also has had his wounds for the last two years on both his feet. I see this patient every day at his home as he is unable to come to the hospital site. Upon my first visit, the wounds smelled very bad, with yellowish drainage, deep and large in size. The first two weeks, I treated his wounds with charcoal poltus and started him with cabbage poltus this week. As per the family and the patient, the wounds never looked so good, they see signs of healing without any smell or drainage and is getting smaller in size. The other patient is a 21 year old young who had compound fracture of right femur, right tibia and fibia. He was operated and has rods in his right leg. Has an open wound on his right femur that is quite small in size but with drainage but no smell. He is treated with charcoal poltus at the present time. There are days when there is no drainage at all. So he is happy about it. I pray with each of these patients and let them know that only Jesus Christ can heal their wounds and not what I do. They believe in Him and readily accept His healing power.

Finally, I want to thank all those who came to help translate. Mr. Jacob Vasan from Hosur, Mr. Vinod John from Bangalore, Ms. Savitha Mathews from Kollegal and others from local area whose name I do not know. I praise the Lord for the opportunity we have in sharing the love of Jesus Christ through medical ministry. Please remember all medical missionaries in your prayers.

I would like to have a group of medical missionaries to come and conduct such medical camp here every quarter as the needs for such is great. Services of dentists and ophthalmologists and surgeons are needed. This community longs for daily dedicated Christian physician’s services who understands the ministry of Jesus Christ and treats patients with the love of Christ. Please contact me at 808-830-2275 or, if you would like to use your talents in this place as the harvest ready and there are no reapers through medical missionary work.

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