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Ever want to have false teeth when you are old?

Ever want to have false teeth when you are old?

Don’t only eat soft foods, but strengthen your periodontium by chewing things that are a bit harder.

Chew chrunchy food

Strenghten the periodontium!

Its important to take care of your teeth in order to preserve them in the long term. But something that is not mentioned that often, but is equally important, is to strenghten the foundation of your teeth. Our teeth are anchored in bone and need it in order to be preserved for a long time.

It has been proven that the periodontium benefits from chewing harder things such as a carrot, an apple or even a crust of bread. There is a saying: A strained bone is a strong bone. That means that bones need to be challeged in order to be preserved.

Grab your carrot and preserve the beautiful smile!

Lifehack by Dentist Eugen

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