Calculate your risk for certain diseases in minutes

Harvard medical school offers a great tool to calculate the individual risk for certain common diseases. The calculation is based on hundreds of studies providing a meaningful result.

Go check your own risk to take powerful conteractions:

Harvard Risk desease

3 thoughts on “Calculate your risk for certain diseases in minutes

  1. A pretty good multi-disease risk estimation tool! For Europeans using kilograms or centimeters, instead of Pounds and Inches, make sure to use a web based calculator or just type in Google “…kilograms in pounds” and it will calculate it straight away!

  2. It gives you the option to change the input to metric!
    “If you wish to enter in metric units, click here”
    Just click on the “here”

  3. Oh wow, you are right, it is written right underneath! It is so small, I did not even see it, haha 🙂 THANK you!!

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