Corona – How to boost your mental health in times of social distancing during COVID-19

In this video, the ENAD team put together the most imporant things to enhance your mental health and help you to get through this coronavirus crisis during a time of social isolation…

Probably the most spoken word of the year. Starting in China this virus travelled from one person to another, to all over the world. In order to get rid of this disease again, we are all limited in our every day life. If you are staying at home for such a long time, it may be natural to get frustrated that you cannot do everything you want.
We as an ENAD team put together 7 things that will enhance your mental health in order to get through this crisis.

1. Get closer to people at home

When life is very busy, we tend to have little time for each other, especially for the ones that are closest to us. This crisis is a chance to connect to our loved ones that live in our homes. So set aside your devices and talk to each other. If you are alone, it is important to stay connected to those who are your emotional support.

2. Increase your physical activity for at least an hour a day.

In some places, hiking on trails in the open air is not yet forbidden. Take advantage of the extra time you have now. Moving your body does not only benefit your apearing, it also produces serotonin and therefore enhances your happiness an strenghten your immunsystem to fight against coronavirus

3. Re-organize your house

Since you are at home this is the perfect opportunity to start working on making every room enjoyable and clean. Get rid of clutter, catch up on your email, rearrange your furniture, and consider how to pare down where you have excess. Setting a timer for 15 minutes at a time can be a great way to get start.

4. Expand your skills

Use your time to learn how to perform enjoyable and brain enhancing activities every day. Try a new recipie, learn to play an instrument, start singing, drawing or learn a new language. Stay away from screens as much as possible.

5. Plant a garden

Try growing your own food. Spending time in nature is important for your mental health. You can get seedlings from grocery stores, or purchase them online. Also: A garden doesn’t have to be a raised bed – raising plants in pots is still rewarding.

6. Quit keeping up with the latest COVID-19 news

It is exhausting to see the changes hour-by-hour. Because you are already doing your part, there is nothing more you can usefully do by keeping up with the latest statistics or politics. Dont waste your time and go do one of the other 5 things of this video.

7. Explore your spirituality

So often we do not have or take the time needed to evaluate the state of our own spirituality. You now have this golden opportunity apart from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Spend a thoughtful hour reading the bible or a spiritual book, praying or spend time evaluating what you believe. You can also take an online bible-study course in the link below. Thoughtful moments will bolster your mental wellbeing.

Go and try one of those 7 things today, if you are not already doing it, and take care of your mental health. Also, check out our social media and other articles about coronavirus on our website.