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Browse through different galleries of photos that were created throughout past health missions. Isn’t it great when you can pass on what you have received?

Spread health around the world and show Jesus' love for people.

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A free Medical Camp regarding changing life style was conducted by a group of medical missionaries lead by Dr. Lydia Binus from Switzerland. Other missionaries were: Dr. Andreas Binus (Switzerland), Carina Salzer (Germany), Katharina Lewter (Germany), Nedelcu Tatjana (Maldova) Daniel H. Garcia (Columbia), Maria (Masha} Munteanu (Maldova), Elizabeth (Germany), Niles and Adeli (Students in China).

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Frequently asked questions about ENAD Health Missions

We not only recommend joining an ENAD Health Mission, be we highly encourage it! Helping people in need is a privilege, which can change both the giver and benefiter’s life. Anyone can join a mission trip. If the specific dates don’t suit you there are always new trips coming up.

The cost of an ENAD Health Mission Trip can vary depending on several factors. View more specific information when the registration for a specific trip is open.  If you have any financial difficulties feel free to contact us.

Realizing that we are called for a high purpose in the life we understand it to be our task to pass on what we received. Serving others in a selfless manner as Jesus did is our example and our goal.

If you work or already obtained experience in the medical field please consider joining a mission trip! Your experience and expertise will be well received. However, you don’t have to be a medical professional to join a mission trip! A loving heart for people and a burning heart for the mission work are the main requirements that set you up for a mission trip with ENAD. Even if you don’t have a medical background, please consider joining a mission trip. We can use every spare hand! 

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