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NewstartPlus is a physician monitored, scientifically researched lifestyle change concept based on principles proven to help you achieve optimum health:


»If you go on a low-fat vegan diet and you exercise, your chances of developing coronary disease will be very low. Anybody can do those things.« 

- Ellsworth Wareham

choose the molecules you're made of

Eating is one of the most important things in life. Many are aware that a good and balanced development is the basis for a healthy life. It is not for nothing that it is said that man is what he eats. All of us who are regular, energy, building materials, nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, important fiber and secondary plant substances.

There is, however, also an “too much”, even of what we see as “good” such as B. Vitamins or protein. Today we know that people who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, who belong to whole grains and who eat nuts regularly, have an improved life. They are less likely to develop cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Further rights are a personal mental income, a wrong risk and to get sick and in general more vitality and to experience.

there is a study on how grapes decrease the risk of heart attacs


 »Exercise is the fountain of youth, I believe« 

- Richard Blezer

make use of your muscles and strengthen the organs

There is hardly anything that promotes your health and quality of life as holistically as physical activity. Movement trains the muscles, gets the circulation going, is good for the brain, boosts the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, increases self-esteem, promotes social relationships and, by the way, gives a good appearance. Exercise works against heart disease, diabetes, breast and colon cancer, constipation, osteoporosis, dementia, mental disorders and other illnesses. Regularity is more important than intensity. Exercise is generally readily available, inexpensive, and (virtually) free of harmful side effects. Centuries ago, wise people were right to call exercise a universal remedy. Movement invigorates and makes you happy.



»Drinking water is like taking a shower on the inside« 

- Unknown

water yourself

What makes our blue planet earth so unique is the huge amount of water. It is the basis of our life, the main part of our body. All body cells are dependent on sufficient water intake, a deficiency leads to functional disorders. Headache, tiredness or difficulty concentrating can be the first signs. Adequate water intake protects against heart attacks and strokes, and improves the functioning of the lungs, kidneys, digestive system and metabolism. External water treatments are simple and natural remedies. Wraps or ice pads have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate recovery. Alternating showers strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. A view over a lake, the murmur of a mountain stream or a walk along a river are also relaxing.

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»The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but the wide world’s joy« 

- Hendry Ward Beecher

let your mind be brightened

Environmental pollution, the ozone hole, global warming, floods, periods of drought, famine, earthquakes – frequent headlines of our time. Our world seems to be falling apart. The sun, the source of energy for all life and a symbol of the elemental force of our existence, is becoming a threat today. Without a healthy environment, all life is impaired. It is important to take care of the environment, to love nature and ourselves. Protecting the skin from too much sunlight in summer prevents brown skin cancer, while in autumn and winter sufficient absorption of sunlight protects against seasonal depression. Sunlight is necessary for the production of active vitamin D, which has regulatory effects on bone metabolism, the immune system and the psyche (production of messenger substances). Living in harmony with creation increases quality of life and wellbeing.



»Temperance is moderation in the things that are good and total abstinence from things that are foul« 

- Frances E. Willard

balance the good, leave the bad

The balance, keeping the equilibrium, is eminently important for the health of our organism as a whole as well as for the individual organ systems. More and more people fail to be moderate. Dependencies e.g. alcohol, nicotine or illegal drugs, work addiction, pornography, gambling or online addiction are the result. The physical, emotional, social, and financial costs are immense. Addicts can be helped because behind every addiction there is a longing. The truth will set you free. Meaningful life is possible. True freedom begins within and leads to self-control. She asks what, where, when and how much of each act. Do I only do as much as is good for me and for others? Enjoy the good in moderation, avoid the harmful. Those who live in this freedom have more from life.

REad a study about the effects of addictions


»Oxygen is the source of life to all cells« 

- Dr. John Muntz

refresh your lungs - and with it the whole body

We can live for weeks without food, a few days without fluids, but only for a few minutes without air. Breathing is the greatest human need. With every breath we take in the oxygen that is important for the cells and give off carbon dioxide. Toxic exhaust gases from industry, air traffic and road traffic are harmful to our health. The more than 1,000 harmful chemical compounds from the smoke of a cigarette are completely superfluous. Quitting smoking is one of the most important health-preserving measures. Conscious breathing improves the oxygen content of the tissue, is helpful for relaxation and for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. Regular exposure to the fresh air promotes health and general well-being.



»If you are tired learn to rest, not to quit« 

- Banksy

rest mind and body

Our life is getting more and more hectic. Expectations and demands increase. More and more is being asked in ever shorter time. The harmful stress level increases. Health demands a balance between tension and relaxation. The heart needs a short break after each beat to regenerate. The digestive organs, endocrine glands and other processes follow internal rhythms. External rhythms are also important. Each day is followed by a night, and long before brain researchers discovered the internal clock, the Creator gave humans the weekly rest day as a clock. If you want to find peace inside, you must periodically calm down outside: take daily breaks from work, relax consciously, get enough sleep at night, use the weekly rest day, take a relaxing holiday at least once a year. In the right rhythm, life is simply better.



»People without hope get sick. Sick people die without hope« 

- Unknown

have someone who has your back

“People without hope get sick. Sick die without hope. ”This pointedly formulated insight describes the importance of hope for health. Loss of hope is one of the leading symptoms of depression. More and more people are affected. Hopelessness is one of the main risk factors for suicide and premature death due to illness. Hope, however, is forward-looking. The anchor of hope is trust in divine power. The age-old promise: “I am the Lord who heals you” is still valid today. Hundreds of scientific studies show that healthy faith strengthens hope in a variety of ways. promotes physical and mental health and increases the quality of life. One can learn to trust. Whoever trusts wins.



»Those who set priorities decide what to do first and what later«

- Unkown

decide on what is really important

We decide what we eat, how much we work, how and with whom we spend our free time, whether we are regularly physically active, whether we smoke or drink alcohol, what we consume through the media, what we do to stay mentally fit . What do we base our decisions on? Do they reflect what is really important to us? What is important to you anyway? Which values determine your life? How do you set your priorities? Every decision made or postponed has an impact on our lives, on our health. The sum of all decisions, however, determines one’s own value in life and influences happiness and well-being. That is why we should make our decisions, be they big or small, informed and conscious.

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»Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life«

- Mark Twain

Looking ahead anyways

You might think that it doesn’t matter whether you see the glass half full or half empty. The content is the same, but the effects are not. Numerous scientific research has shown that anyone who is interested in joie de vivre, a high quality of life and a long, fulfilled life would do well to opt for the optimistic view. But is optimism a question of decisions? Optimists and pessimists differ mainly in their thought patterns, in the way they evaluate situations, circumstances and people. Our thinking affects our emotions, our emotions affect our health. Negative thinking makes you sick. Positive and health-promoting thinking can be learned. Only pessimists decide differently.

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»With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.«

- Zig Ziglar

being true to yourself

Integrity means being truthful to yourself and to others. Integrity seeks wholeness in all areas of life. Maintaining one’s integrity means protection from exploitation – sexually, financially, in terms of strength. Maintaining one’s own integrity means not becoming dependent on other people and their ideas (advertising, idols and ideologies) and maintaining authenticity, honesty and transparency as a person.

It is good to live with authentic people, you can rely on them. They are in harmony with themselves and with others, they can be supplemented by others without giving up. There’s what’s on it inside. This is how integrity builds trust, relationship and health.

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»We need good relationships with one another: from heart to heart, from person to person«

- Dalai Lama

caring, loving, supporting

Nobody can do it alone. Not one. We survive the first days and weeks of our existence only with the help of other people.

People are relational beings, dependent on one another, dependent on one another. Often we are not aware of this, because relationships become more and more anonymous without being noticed.
You hardly know each other, it’s all about the function, no longer about the person. Everyone is replaceable, interchangeable. Many live alone, lonely in the crowd. The research results are clear.
Healthy relationships influence our quality and duration of life, strengthen health and contribute to a rich and livable life. Healthy relationships are not a coincidence, they want to be built and maintained. One can learn this.

Real love – the highest form of relationship – not only looks at yourself, but always also at the other and finds yourself richly gifted.

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