30. September – 03. October 2021

CET Time Zone


Free participation – no fees!


Prof. Dr. Hans Diehl, Dr. Viriato Ferreira, Dr. Mark Sandoval, Ashwin Sukumaran, Dr. Heidi Schulz, Dr. Rivelino Montenegro, Leandro Fonseca, Martinš Subatovičs, Manuela Knappe and Dr. Andreas Binus

ENAD Conference 2021

The Battle within - Biohacking your Immune System

Unlike in previous years, this year’s conference will take place online via Zoom. Though this year’s conference will only take place online, we are happy to announce, that we made it possible to attend the conference free of charge!

International speakers give lectures and workshops on topics related to “The Battle Within – biohacking your immune system”. There is also the possibility of exchanging ideas with other participants in small groups and getting to know new people.

The conference can also be offered as a live event at the church, or you can use the conference as a missionary opportunity and invite a few work colleagues and friends over to your home to follow the congress with them on Zoom. 

After registration you will receive a confirmation email. A few days before the conference, we will email the Zoom link so that you can join the conference.

It is our wish and prayer that the participants of the conference may get to know our great doctor and healer a little better through this online-gathering.

We look forward to your registration!


Conference Program

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